This is an excellent, personal brief by someone who has lived in a Muslim context and loved and appreciated Muslims as individuals. “A Christian’s Response to Islam” presents, in unvarnished fashion, the differences between biblical Christian beliefs a …

Cindy Judge’s “Before You Pack Your Bag, Prepare Your Heart”, right priorities to prepare for short term missions trip (STM). Emphasizes the participants spiritual preparation and attitudes for an effective STM trip; practical issues on attitudes and cross-cultural sensitivity.

Communicating Christ Cross-Culturally

by David J. Hesselgrave

This is a classic textbook on cross-cultural communication. Professor Hesselgrave thoroughly documents the foundations and principles of communication and culture. He presents the technical and theoretical perspectives on communication of any kind. But …

It is sad that this book is out of print. However, it is worth pursuing and finding a used copy somewhere! This book is extremely helpful and insightful for the new missionary, the candidate, and those that train them. It does a fine job of describing …

Miriam Adeney, the grand dean of ministry to Muslim women, has sweeping experience both doing and teaching this subject. A standard book, not without weaknesses. Practical, not theological. Daughters of Islam speaks to the need and strategic value of Christian women sharing Christ with Muslim women.

This is one of the best, if not the best, books on understanding the will of God available. it is not short; it develops a solid biblical foundation for understanding a Christian world-view model that guides Christian decision-making and understanding …

Equipping for Missions

by Daniel W. Bacon

This book is great for individuals as they begin their journey in missions, and it works very well in a small group setting as each chapter sets the stage for powerful interaction between the participants. An important tool in any church’s efforts in preparing its mission candidates.

Springboarding from his own missionary experience, graphically portrayed in Peace Child, Don Richardson guides our thinking from the Ecclesiastes reference through other biblical evidences of God preparing people groups to receive the Gospel message, t …

Have We No Rights?

by Mabel Williamson

Here to There

by David Meade

Here to There prepares you and sends you from your church to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached people groups for God’s glory. This little book is your practical guide on how to get to your mission field.

Islam and the Bible

by David Goldmann

Key to the Missionary Problem

by Andrew Murray, Leona Choy

Lords of the Earth

by Don Richardson

This is a tremendously encouraging book, because Johnstone clearly lays the responsibility for the unfinished work of world evangelism at the doorstep of the local church. Johnstone, the Christian missions researcher behind the concept and early editio …

The Indigenous Church

by Melvin L. Hodges

Too Hard for God?

by Charles R. Marsh, Daisy Marsh

Too Hard for God? …ought to be required reading for any candidate planning to work in an Arab Muslim field. This autobiographical account of the ministry of Charles Marsh in Algeria ought to be required reading for any candidate planning to work in a …

This book is in our top five recommended essential resources for church missions leaders and candidates. We would make it required reading for: missionary candidates Missions Team (Committee) members Missions Pastors Elders/Church Leaders Short Term Mi …

Where There Is No Doctor

by David Werner, Jane Maxwell, Carol Thuman

Your Focus on the World

by Catalyst Services

Your Focus on the World is an excellent, motivational guidebook for the process of identifying a strategic mission focus in harmony with your congregational connections and values.  It doesn’t impose a specific direction for your focus, but encourages …

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