Culture Shock: Dealing with Stress in Cross-Cultural Living

Culture Shock: Dealing with Stress in Cross-Cultural Living

author Myron Loss

It is sad that this book is out of print. However, it is worth pursuing and finding a used copy somewhere!

This book is extremely helpful and insightful for the new missionary, the candidate, and those that train them. It does a fine job of describing the impact and symptoms of culture shock. it is the only source we’ve found that uses a weighted point scale to demonstrate the stresses in a cross-cultural setting. e.g. – add up the stress points and see that a first-term missionary is 2-5 times more likely to have a serious physical illness within three years! Then, add the factors of attitudes, application of sound doctrines of God and the Bible and sin and man, add stresses of marriage and work and family, … You get the point. We just keep pulling it off the shelf to dig out some nugget to share with others.

EVERY missionary and missionary caregiver/shepherd should have this book or its equivalent in their repertoire.



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