Friend Raising: Building a Missionary Support Team That Lasts

Friend Raising: Building a Missionary Support Team That Lasts

author Betty J. Barnett

Any missionary who is to begin the support raising process needs to have a firm foundation on which to build their campaign process. One of the most popular books today is The God Ask by Steve Shadrach. Although it contains many wonderful concepts, nobody should begin support raising without reading Barnett’s book to accompany Shadrach’s.

Barnett will leave the one who is about to face the task of raising support with the key reminder that every donor is an opportunity for deepening friendship. Before the support raiser gets swallowed up with numbers, statistics, meetings, etc., Barnett makes sure that the foundation is laid to remember that it is actually a process of building relationships. Anyone who has actually gone through the support raising process knows that there is no perfect formula for success because it has to do with people, not machines. Barnett’s book is a resource that includes pillars of success because after all, you can build a foundation on pillars which is better than working a formula for success. She also opens each chapter with a quote that keeps the book from becoming a manual and keeps it as a foundation to lead each individual to read, pray, and consider how the Lord might want to speak to their own fundraising context.

Friendships are key. Often God brings in support through people who may surprise us with their buy-in to our vision. Similarly, we set ourselves up for disappointment if we think certain relationships will produce financial support or support at a particular expected level. Trust God; build strong friendships; and, God will surprise you with support and deeper friendships.

ISBN: 1576582833

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