Let the Nations Be Glad

Let the Nations Be Glad

author John Piper

Piper’s now-classic book was a personal epiphany written by a Bible teaching pastor of a large church who did not previously understand the big picture of the story and purposes of God throughout Scripture. Piper’s first preaching of a week-long missions conference at his own church was used of God to bless us with the concepts included in this book.  Over the years, Pipers added more material based on his personals perspectives on key missions issues. It still a glorious argument for the glory of God in the gospel of Christ to all nations!

added July 2018

The beginning of the book starts off with a statement that leaves the one who loves missions wondering where Piper might be headed when he states that missions is not the ultimate goal of the church. However, the missions-lover can rest assured that Piper will circle back around and explain why he made that challenging statement.

One of the strongest characteristics of the book would be the section of the book towards the end in which Piper outlines the task of missions and why it must be to the nations. The reason this section is so strong is that Piper walks through the original Greek and its use in various verses, including the Great Commission, so that the reader is assured that missions must involve all nations. The reader can also deepen his/her understanding of what language, nation, and people group must mean based on the original Greek language. This is a firm biblical basis for Piper’s argument rather than just an argument from desire or logic.

ISBN: 080102613X

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