Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation

Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation

author Jason Mandryk

this is an essential reference tool for missions prayer for the world. It is organized in such a way that it gives the big picture on a global scale then proceeds through 365 days of international data from all the countries of the world that can guide and inform your prayers. One of the things we like best about operation world is that it not only gives you the gross demographic on Christendom but also specifies the percentage of evangelical Christians in the census data.

Pretty much every pastor should have this near his desk. Certainly, every missions committee or missions team chairman should have it close at hand. Every missions team member should know about the information in operation world even if they don’t have it on their bookshelf. The church library should have a copy available to members. The present version is a little bit dated. However, it is still a one-of-a-kind resource. There are legitimate tools similar to this on the Internet. However, there is still something to be said for having a book that’s organized for guiding your prayers through the year aimed at the entire world.

ISBN: 1850788626

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