Pipeline: Engaging the Church in Missionary Mobilization

Pipeline: Engaging the Church in Missionary Mobilization

author David and Lorene Wilson

Pipeline is a different format than many other books because most of the chapters are written from the perspective of other experts in the field of missions who serve as guest authors. The whole book is divided into four parts that focus on four aspects of mission mobilization: inspiration, implementation, initiatives and innovation.  These four parts are further divided so that inspiration can focus on the calling one might receive and obstacles to hearing that calling.   The section on implementation discusses how the local church can develop a mobilization team and how the local church can become a sending church. In the section on initiatives, there are various leaders of agencies and organizations that introduce what it is that they do and how they are promoting missions awareness and advancing the kingdom. Finally, innovation introduces some of the new and upcoming trends that are current in missions paradigms today.  Every chapter is short enough to be read in ten minutes or less, and each chapter can stand alone in terms of its value for the topics addressed within that part of the book. The book could be used as a study guide for a mission committee, ministry team, staff members, or any other group because there are discussion/reflection questions provided at various points throughout the book. These serve the reader well in guiding a plan to put the information into practice and apply it to his/her own context. One of the biggest strengths of the way this book is compiled is that one can feel confident in getting a broad overview from a wide variety of professionals in missions ministry without feeling that one specific opinion is being expressed. Yet, the book feels as if one story is being told and one direction is being sought—that of fulfilling the Great Commission!

ISBN: 0878085828

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