Serving As Senders

Serving As Senders

author Neil Pirolo

Serving As Senders is a classic missionary care volume.   It should probably be on the required reading list of any missions team member, especially those concerned with or tasked to the area of missionary care.

Pirolo’s book expands six major areas of missionary care

  • Moral support
  • Logistics support
  • Financial support
  • Prayer support
  • Communication support
  • Re-entry support
 To these areas we add four more that are of special concern in these times :
  • MK children’s education
  • security & contingency
  • technology
  • field visits & short-term missions teams/projects

This book does an outstanding job of lifting a vision for missionary care to the support team of the individual missionary/family. The one weakness, from our perspective, is that the book is not local church focused. It assumes that the support team can and should be comprised in functioning completely apart from the oversight and body life of the local church. This may be a practical reality in some cases; however, it is not the ideal and not the ministry philosophy of Propempo.

SERVING AS SENDERS TODAY  (updated August 2018)

This book review serves as an addendum to the previously written review on Serving as Senders. This book is the twentieth anniversary edition which has been revised and expanded from its original version. The strength of this edition is that it does include a lot of information that will apply to the local church context and help a church to consider the important components to any sending church’s list of services provided. However, the book is not a stand-alone resource because it is weak in providing the local church all of the details for knowing how to implement such components. In other words, a pastor, missions leader, or mission committee may read about all of the wonderful ways to send a missionary through moral, logistical, financial, prayer, communication, and reentry support components. However, that same pastor, missions leader, or mission committee may feel inadequately prepared for what to do next. The book does not give many details about how to change a current structure to a new structure which would include these valuable components. This makes the book a good resource to review before contacting an organization like Propempo International. After reading the book, it would serve the local church well to receive advice from an organization like Propempo so that an action plan can be implemented and the church can move forward in sending missionaries well.

ISBN: 1850786771

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