Too Hard for God?

Too Hard for God?

author Charles R. Marsh, Daisy Marsh

Too Hard for God?
…ought to be required reading for any candidate planning to work in an Arab Muslim field.

This autobiographical account of the ministry of Charles Marsh in Algeria ought to be required reading for any candidate planning to work in an Arab Muslim field. Unfortunately, this title is currently out of print; you’ll have to find a used one.

A couple of reasons why it is so good:

  1. Charles Marsh gives glory to God.
  2. The story demonstrates the perseverance and hard work necessary to proclaiming the love of Christ and His Good News to Muslims.

Subtlety, not overtly, the book gives a model of how a Christian worker should think through cross-cultural difficulties in application of biblical truths and practices in a Muslim context. This, in itself, is perhaps one of the greatest values of the book. In the midst of “contextualization” controversies of today, Too Hard for God? shows a remarkable balance and fidelity to biblical truth.

Charles Marsh worked primarily among the Kabyle people of Algeria. Though he may not have seen very much fruit for his labor of decades of selfless service and witness there, his work is almost certainly what God has used as a foundation for what is the greatest spiritual awakening among Muslim people groups of our days. There are reports of hundreds of thousands of Kabyle people coming to faith in Jesus Christ over the past 10-12 years. Partly it may be politically motivated due to civil strife in Algeria; partly it may be due the rugged independent spirit of Kabyle people. But, today we rejoice in sweeping conversions and emergence of vibrant local churches springing up in Algeria. it seems a modern day phenomenon reminiscent of Adoniram Judson’s long-term impact on the Karen people group in Burma (now Myanmar).


ISBN: 1850783624

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