appreciated “how to tell if I am ‘called’”? in the missionary path

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    I’m not sure who this guy is, but I really like the article.  Basically, he is just challenging the rampant subjectivism and mysticism in missionary ‘calling’ that we have adopted in Christianity today.  [which I was prone to coming out of a radically missions minded college ministry]

    It felt eerie reading this because I feel like I could have written this, as it summarizes where I’ve been landing in the past year or so on missionary calling.  That made me both like it, and want to see it reviewed by you guys for red flags.  I do think he falls short of placing the bulk of the appointing responsibility on the elders, but I think he’s headed in the right direction. 


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    I completely agree that the term “calling” is too frequently tossed around in Christian circles. This leaves many feeling off course–waiting for the illusive and emotional moment of recieving God’s will (usually accompanied by goose bumps). Let us press forward in relying on the revelation that we have recieved! Thank you for sharing this!

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