“one ring to rule them all” – one principle could resolve the furious heat of dissention

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    One principle applied over Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or whatever context would defuse and settle so much of the debate. It’s this:

    It is biblically and ethically inconsistent for a mature believer to encourage or enable a new believer to present themselves and their religious practices in such a way as to intentionally try to mislead onlookers to think that the new believer is still an adherent to their former religion.

    We assume that the practice of genuine, disciples of Christ will express their faith and practice in culturally appropriate ways which are consistent with biblical principles.This does NOT rule out culturally appropriate discernment regarding tradition, vocabularly, attire, food, events, etc.  It DOES rule out mature believers coaching new believers to continue in prior religious practices “for the sake of witness”.


    See also website Biblical Missiology’s citation of Bethlehem Baptist Church’s position on “contextualization”.

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