Top Ten Internet Related Security Practices

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    1.  Limit you social media presence; use privacy setting well; let your “friends” or “connections” know that you don’t use “M” words or ministry-related words online.

    2.  Reduce your Internet footprint; use secure websites and email for communication; request Google search caches be eliminatred.

    3.  Do NOT share your “missionary” connectedness,” aspirations, or intentions over any publicly accessible Internet vehicle.

    4.  If there are hot security and contingency issues going on near your place of overseas work, check details through Crisis Consulting International (

    5.  Register and subscribe to ‘s daily world security briefing (or, Frontier Medex briefings).

    6.  Set up a “Google alert” to check and send to your email Inbox weekly any new internet postings using your name, your team, your country ministry or business or DBA name.

    7.  Purchase and install a hardware VPN WiFi base, so that you and anyone in your network accessing the Internet are doing it through the VPN.

    8.  Create an encrypted partition on your computer/laptop harddrive, something that requires a very strong password.  You can even create another hidden encrypted drive inside that one.

    9.  Set up a solid off-site computer back-up plan (e.g. – CrashPlan).

    10.  Request that supporters and churches related to your presence in your overseas assignment remove any individually indentifying information from their Internet presence and restrict detailed info that even goes out to their group or congregation (e.g. “missionary directory”, lists of “missionaries” in the bulletin).


    Resources:  — Here are a couple of VPN resources you might find helpful —

    explanation of different issues related to VPN use/protection and VPN services

    a source for simple VPN services and VPN-enabled hardware

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