use STM applications to weed out people?

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    Q:  We are doing a state side “mission’s trip” to some immigrant neighborhoods.  We are opening this up to anyone in the church but want to use applications for the trip in order to weed people out and/or limit our group number should we need to do that.  Is this a bad idea?  Have you guys used applications in the past or what have you done?   Thanks for any input you can offer.


    A:  Absolutely.  Absolutely, you should use the application (and interview) process to determine the best fit.

    active in church stuff besides applying for this trip
    committed to the training process (tardiness or absence unexcused is reason to boot them off)
    desire to use skills learned to benefit church ministry when they return


    Here are a couple of useful documents, a sample application and a sample STM policy:

    Short Term Missions Participant Application

    Sample Short Term Missions (STM) Policy



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