What should we do about supporting nationals?

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    A dear friend of our writes a review of a book that has become all too popular in touting the need to support national believers to the do work of missions, particularly in India.  His little article is entitled,

    Send Money, Honey,

    But Don’t Come Yourself!

    It is an honor to partner with, pray for, and financially support God’s workers around the world – such as national missionaries in India, Filipino evangelists in the Philippines (and the Middle East), and African church planters in Uganda.

    Every so often, I try to reread the book “Revolution in World Missions.” Recently I read an updated edition, hoping its misconceptions and misleading illustrations had been corrected. Possibly some were, but the book is still filled with inappropriate illustrations, historical facts out of date, and misleading statistics especially in regard to finances.

    As I read books, I mark quotes to share and to encourage others to read the book to help in their walk with God. However, I can not do it with this book, as it is written in such an arrogant manner and tone. Statements are made throughout the book, such as “But God told me this is the way . . .,” “I am convinced that . . .,” and “I can see God’s will is . . .”

    The most serious, erroneous statements, however, are when the author says that if a church (in North America) is not supporting national missionaries in India, then this proves that Satan has sent the church a deceiving spirit to blind their eyes and therefore the church’s thinking is diabolical. The author also says that if a missions committee asks for accountability regarding finances, that this is racism!

    The bottom line teaching of the book (aside from pride – “if you do not agree with the author, you are wrong”) is money (instead of sending missionaries, send money to the author’s organization!).

    So, dear friends, let’s do all we can to support God’s workers (national missionaries) around the world through prayer and finances, and at the same time, to obey the Great Commission and send forth workers into the harvest field, whether they are Indians to Burma, or Brazilians to Uganda, or Americans to Colombia, or Canadians to the Philippines. God still calls, the church is still to send. Let’s trust God and be obedient to the heavenly calling no matter what the cost!

    Question in closing: Are you supporting a national missionary (worker) personally or through your church? A great place to start is Partners International at website: http://www.partnersintl.org or phone: 800-966-5515.

    Doug Nichols
    Global Missions Advocate/Facilitator & ACTION Founder


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