Church Leadership

“I’m a pastor or church staff leader. I want to lead my church in missions.”

Church Leadership Video Transcription - 1 minute 1 second

Church Leadership -- This path/book will give you a good overview of how to exercise good leadership and oversight in this indispensable area of local church ministry. There is no Bible school or seminary course for this.

A lot of pastors view missions as a competitor for time, talent, and treasure. We want you understand missions in a different light: that missions can be the key element of your church ministry philosophy that brings solid biblical growth, maturity, and vision to your church.

The chapter on "Learn" helps you understand you role and that of other key players in missions leadership. "Teach" equips you with ideas and resources to be more effective in your teaching role for missions. The chapter entitled "Guide" shows you how to grow and help others grow in missions leadership. "Model" strengthens and focuses your behaviors for the good of your church missions efforts. "Delegate" frees you from the burden of direct oversight (or micromanaging!).


Church Leadership Table of Contents
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