How can I support the work of the Missions Team in mobilizing the church?

Visit the team.  See how they operate.  Go as an observer/learner.  Ask questions.

Develop a close relationship with the Missions Chairperson/Leader/Pastor.  Have regular meetings to find out what’s going on and what issues they are wrestling with.

Ask the Missions Team for help in understanding missiological trends or issues, your missionary “staff” environments, etc.  Develop a good source for missions information and resources from which to find statistics, illustrations, etc. for sermons and teaching.

Speak of the Missions Team and their ministry in public and private meetings.

Give them time for the annual Missions Conference event, platform time when needed, missionary time when needed.

Encourage other ministries of the church to seek resources and vision for missions education and outreach through their own ministries.

Make the process of administration of the Missions ministry of the church easy by encouraging proper resources of their work and helping direct personnel resources to assist them.


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