In what ways should I engage with our supported missionaries?

We’ve already discussed this in the course of answering questions of several previous articles in this “Church Leadership” path.  Here are some of those ideas in list form:

  • communicate regularly with your supported missionaries
  • work to develop a relationship with them
  • try to understand their field ministry context and challenges
  • shepherd their family and marriage relationships
  • try to learn the mission agency structure and leadership through whom they serve
  • pray for them systematically and consistently
  • when they come through your area/church, make sure you have a private time of interview and coffee or a meal with them
  • resource them with whatever latest, greatest applicable resource you encounter or enjoy
  • advocate for them; be their best cheerleader
  • ask them penetrating questions that push them to make goals, be theologically discerning, properly understand and represent your church’s ministry
  • demonstrate love and appreciation for them
  • rejoice with their accomplishments and weep with their disappointments
  • praise their good communication and admonish their lack of or poor communication


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