What outside training would be helpful to maximize leaders’ effectiveness?

Besides you own leadership, you might find it effective to have missions orientation and training with a special workshop or seminar.  Sometimes, missions agencies you’re connected with may have staff available to do seminars on such topics as:

  • Missions Education through all the ministries of the church
  • Short Term Missions as a means of training and discipleship
  • Developing a vision for outreach through your ministry
  • How every church ministry can be involved in world missions
  • Serving As Senders
  • Missionary Care
  • Developing a Missions Leadership Team
  • Developing a Church Missions Vision
  • Raising and Sending Missionaries From Your Church

Propempo can provide seminars and workshops like those above.  Usually we encourage a local church to invite other like minded churches to get together for such an event on a weekend, Fri-Sat, or all day Saturday.

We recommend CultureLink training for Short Term Missions leaders.

The course, “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement,” classes are held in churches in cities across the USA.  While “Perspectives” has a good framework for learning about missions, some of the required reading and some of the speakers would not present content with which Propempo or your church would agree.  You have to be discerning, even there.

Resources scattered through Propempo’s website give a lot of possibilities for in-house training and development.

Some conferences, notably the student missions conference between Christmas and New Years of 2013, the CROSS conference in Louisville KY, will give a tremendous boost to missions passion and practical development in your church.  The Gospel Coalition now includes a missions conference on the front end of its national conference.

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