Our first principle of ministry philosophy for the Missions Team (or Church Mobilization) is that the MT’s purpose is to mobilize the congregation.  It is NOT the purpose of the MT to administrate and do missions on behalf of or in the place of the congregation.  The congregation is the church.  Every member of the church is a “world Christian”; every member has a part in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Church pastors and staff have a key role in facilitating missions mobilization.  Church staff become implementers and networkers; but the primary responsibility for doing missions, caring for missionaries, organizing missions, and ownership of the missions process should be the people that make up the church.  It is a sad trap for the pastor or staff to know all the inside information about the how, why, and wherefore of your church’s missions involvement and the laypeople know nothing.

Identifying and working through well-defined roles of responsibility and leadership for missions in your church will bring large benefits.  The senior pastor and staff have a huge role in shaping and articulating the driving principles or convictions behind world missions in your church.  Walk on! – through this path of Church Leadership and discover the joy of leading your church in passionate vision for the glory of Jesus Christ and the Gospel among all nations.

Driving Convictions Behind Foreign Missions at Bethlehem Baptist Church

Rediscovering the Purpose of the Church

When Missions Shapes the Mission

Missional and Church Growth Perspectives

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