So much of life, including spiritual life, is more “caught” than “taught.”  If a pastor loves missions and missionaries, the church will love missions and missionaries.  If there’s fire in the pulpit, there’s fire in the pews.

You cannot escape the significance of pastoral modeling.  We sympathize with pastors whose training and mentoring prior to becoming a pastor was so weak in the area of missions.  Usually a typical M.Div. seminary program has only one course on missions, something like “Missions History”, having no real substance in the local church’s role in missions and all that follows from that.  Young pastors have been focused on getting that seminary credential and preaching much more than they have been concerned about developing and leading a church in missions.

Yet, you as pastor are cast in a role which is expected to model missions-mindedness.  It impacts your teaching and preaching, your giving and going, your relationships, and your vision.  it may in fact, as it did for Barnabas and Saul, affect your ministry trajectory.

This “Model” section of the “Church Leadership” path will highlight these questions:

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