How does my enthusiasm and embrace of missions show to others?

This question practically answers itself.  If you have enthusiasm for missions, you will not be able to contain it.  It will show!  The converse is also true.  If you do not have enthusiasm for missions, your lack of enthusiasm will become painfully evident.

We maintain that, if you love God and His Word, you will not be able to resist having a deep, heartfelt love for missions.  Maybe you’ve lacked exposure in the past.  Maybe you’ve been burnt by bad experiences in the past.  OK; get over it!  Find some good experiences.  Develop some good models.  Ask for help, if you need it.

It’s just like anything that is of high priority or value to you.  If you truly embrace and love it, it will ooze out of your pores, trickle through your speech, show up in your agenda, etc. 

What happens in a staff or board meeting when missions topics come up?  Do you zone out? or, Do you wake up and lean forward and interact with it?  When the missionary is speaking, are you thinking of penetrating questions to learn about their life and ministry? or, are you hoping it will finish so that you can get on with your life?

Be honest with yourself.  You may have to overcome “missions deficit syndrome” in your training, experience, and inclination in order to properly lead yourself, your family, and your congregation in this essential ministry.


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