How can I lead our church teachers to teach missions?

We’re going to address modeling later.  But, being a good model of teaching missions whenever the opportunity shows up is one of the best ways to encourage others to do the same.  You can say that missions is important to you and to the church; but if your actions (often for the pastor through your teaching and preaching) don’t back up your words.  To be clear, if you don’t point out missions in the Scripture and use missions illustrations, your teachers and leaders will fail to do so, also.

Church teachers and leaders should be expected to attend missions conference events.  You or the missions pastor can have a “missions in the Bible” or “missions in the life of our church” orientation session during one of their ministries’ orientation or training meetings.  Your warmth and enthusiasm for missions and missionaries will be contagious.

Read and recommend great and encouraging missions resources.  Many good basic resources are recommended and available through our own Propempo Books & Media page.  We recommend that most Christian families get From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya (by Ruth Tucker); it is a wonderful “Readers Digest” anthology of missionaries biographies which could be used in family devotions, Sunday School classes, kids clubs, Bible study features, etc.  Good biographies are a great and natural way for people, including your church teachers to ratchet up their interest and respect for missions.

Create opportunities for your teachers and leaders to interact with missionaries and missions issues, including the prospect of guiding the training and ministry development of missionaries coming from your own congregation.

Attend and bring others with you in church missions exposure and training events.  Ask Propempo to come and do a seminar at your church!  Find and pass along opportunities in your local metro region to hear and learn from mission leaders and/or missionaries.  You could even get the ball rolling for your church to sponsor such an event, e.g. –  Missions Committee/Team training weekend or retreat, a workshop on “missions involvement in our small groups”.

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