What principles should I teach to help my church focus on the right things?

  1. God’s glory is the overarching purpose of God in all of creation, history, and the Bible.
  2. God really is sovereign in all things.  He will completely fulfill His purposes.
  3. So, it’s really all about God and His purposes, than it is about us and our comfort.
  4. The Bible is God’s inspired, authoritative, sufficient special revelation.
  5. The Bible teaches and commands us to be about proclaiming the glory of Jesus Christ and the Gospel to all nations.
  6. The Bible also teaches us that the local church is God’s primary agent of fulfilling His will and His missions purposes.
  7. Our church wants to be obedient and faithful to do what God instructs us to do in His Word.
  8. We have the joyful responsibility of being God’s ambassadors and witnesses to a lost and dying world.
  9. We trust that God will use our church, and some particular people from out of our church, do help fulfill the Great Commission.
  10. We rejoice in every step of progress, including times of hardship and suffering, toward that grand completion.


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