This is a large chapter in the “Church Mobilization” Path.  It is also one of the most important.  Identifying and developing a strategic focus can have one of the most dynamic impacts on your church missions growth.  Not only does it sharpen and clarify a specific Great Commission goal, it also makes it possible for the church to visualize their role in missions.  “We’re not doing all kinds of missions everywhere all at the same time through everybody, we doing A in B-Country through C-people for D-goals.”  Your church begins to take larger ownership of the missions task.  Your congregation can better identify with your missionary workers, the target culture and people group, the challenges and joys of the ministry.  Your short-term teams have a focal point and make a tangible contribution to the larger goals of the ministry.

There are so many advantages to having a strategic focus.  A subtler advantage is that having a strategic focus frees you to say “no” to many other opportunities and directions which would otherwise confuse and distract and disperse your energy and resources.

Here are the questions we hope to answer in this “Focus” chapter of the “Church Mobilization” path.

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