How do we keep momentum and interest?

People, pictures, and present tense.

People relate to people:  the joys and sorrows, sympathy with the struggles of everyday life, common issues with family, relationships, and ministry.

People related to visual presentations:  slide shows, video clips, Skype-type connections.  When your people see what they’re praying about, they’re more likely to remember and sustain interest.

People relate to present-tense:  the more current and immediate information you can communicate, the more urgent and important is your content.

Provide opportunities to respond or track the news stream:  email, prayer requests, sign-ups, response mechanisms, focus groups, etc.

Kids for kids:  if there are MKs involved, then setting up peer-group connections will keep it freshly before all those families.

Some indicator or barometer of progress-to-date based on the end goal is a very common need of those supporting the work.

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