How does a focus change our financial commitments?

Adopting a new high priority tends to displace other priorities down the list.  This doesn’t mean that you need to do anything radical or different right away.  It does mean that you may be re-evaluating your missions ministry priorities in light of your new strategic focus.  If God has led you to a decision which is already in harmony with things that you’re doing or people that you’re supporting, there may be little change at all. 

In fact, whether due to adopting a strategic focus or due to establish a fresh outlook on your church missions priorities, we usually recommend that the missions team and church leadership “grandfather” everything and everyone that is presently supported.  Working through the details of transition which reduce or cut support relationships in light of your new or clearer priorities is an issue discussed elsewhere on  There are clear opportunities for planned attrition of missionary/missions/project support which does not align with strategic goals and relationships; e.g. –  “Furlough” or home assignment times, a move to a different ministry assignment, a move to a different mission agency, retirement, return for long-term to the home country, etc.  Every missionary hits a transition time at least every four years or so.  Remember, your initial commitment to support was not actually a “for life” or “until death do us part” commitment.  If their doctrine or practice diverges from your church’s, you do not want that representing your church as an extension of your ministry.

Below is an example of how one church charted out application of the principles Propempo teaches regarding missionary funding decisions.


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