How do we train congregants for significant personal involvement?

  1. Point them to’s path for Personal Involvement!
  2. The most effective means of discipleship in personal involvement is modeling and life-on-life demonstration of truth.  Tell them; show them; coach them; correct them; mentor them; get  to find another person to train in the same disciplines.
  3. Create opportunities for missions involvement.  Everyone can give at least a little (proportionately, as per Apostle Paul).  Everyone can pray.  Almost everyone, except those profoundly impaired, can witness.  Many can be involved is support, in some form or fashion.  Some can go short term.  A few can go long term.  All of these take some planning in order to prepare and present opportunities for people to be involved. 
  4. Realize that people are more likely to get involved if their doing it with others they love and respect.  Church leaders need to be notiecably involved and talking about it.  Sunday School classes, small groups, Bible studies, kids’ clubs, service groups – all can adopt some aspect of missions involvement to feature and own as part of their DNA.
  5. Lavishly thank and praise God for those who are involved, especially those who do outstanding things in service of the missions efforts of the church. 

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