"I'm interested in missions; but i don't even know where to start."

Inquirer Video Transcription - 52 seconds

Introduction to Propempo’s Church Missions Inquirer Path

Hi! Thanks for using Propempo’s website.

You’ve clicked on the INQUIRER path.

This path begins by defining some basic issues in missions. It will guide you to explore and learn a lot about missions.

Finally, you’ll walk through concepts to connect, commit, and grow toward greater personal involvement in missions.

We hope that you invite your friends to walk these paths with you on

Also, you have opportunity to interact through our Library, Laboratory, and Community sections.

Feel free to send us suggestions for resources, questions, or polls that you think would be useful.

Ultimately, our goal is to encourage and help you to become a world Christian for the glory of God.

Walk on!

Inquirer ‐ someone who asks about something; to put a question: seek for information by questioning; to make investigation or inquiry—often used with intro.

Inquirer Path - I've heard about missions; but I don't really know what it is or why it's supposed to be important for a Christian. I'd like to be better informed about missions.

Inquirer Table of Contents
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