How can I begin to get involved?

At the beginning of the inquirer path, you probably started this inquiry because you have a subjective heart desire or burden or vision for missions; and are wanting to explore how you can be involved.  

Along the way in this Inquirer path, God is either confirming your desires and vision, or causing your desire or interest to lessen.  This desire in the heart or burden or vision talk is highly subjective, so it is important to have more than just a deep desire or zeal or burden or vision for missions.

The way God leads His people is usually by taking more objective small steps along the way, and the Lord will usually guide through means of you walking with the Lord in prayer, the Word, and the counsel of your local church elders/ pastor/ leaders, and circumstances as you take deeper steps of obedience. This is basic Christian guidance.  “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path . . . (Proverbs 3:5-6)  

You would not be reading all of this material if you were not interested in the subject.  So, it is important for you to take some objective steps of obedience in the context of your local church with counsel from your elders / leaders / pastor as you grow.  God usually guides us further as we take steps of obedience.  Just as a boat or canoe cannot turn to the right or left unless it starts moving, the Lord doesn’t guide people today unless we are walking with Him and obeying Him and reaching out where we are now.  You cannot suddenly become an oversees missionary in another culture if you have not been witnessing to people in your own culture first.  

1. The easiest and most basic thing to start with is praying and forming a prayer group for missions.

2.  Make Matthew 9:37-38 a regular prayer.  Be willing to be the answer to that prayer for the Lord of the harvest to sovereignly raise up and send out more workers into His harvest.  

3.  Find out who your local church supports as missionaries and seek to get their prayer and news letters and find out thier needs and burdens and pray for them.  Get their photo prayer card and prayer for them around the breakfast or dinner table with your family.

4.  Get the book, Operation World;  There is also link here, Operation World , but you have to click on “World Evangelization” to the right; and use it in your prayer meetings.

5.  Google unreached peoples and countries and learn more about them and pray for them.

6.  Pray for urgent and critical areas of the world that are in the news.  Such as right now (July of 2013)  – pray for Syria and Egypt and the upheavals there – civil war in Syria; coup in Egypt.  Pray for Iran and the persecuted church in Iran and their threats of nuclear ambitions.  Pray for China and their growning economic and political power, that the gospel would penetrate even more into their culture.  Praise the Lord for the many underground and house churches there that God has given fruit to.  Pray for their spiritual growth.  Pray for Turkey and the recent protests and struggle with secularlists vs. Islamists.  Pray for Tunisia and the struggle between secular forces and Islamists types there also.   Pray for North Korea.  You can google all of these areas and begin to learn about the people that live there and their culture and history.  

7.  Ask and inquire about short-term vision trips and what all is involved in that.  See the list of missionary organizations and missionaries in the previous articles.

8.  Share your vision and desire with your pastor and / or elders – ask them to pray for you and your vision.

9.  Use your gifts in the local church you are a member of – be a servant.  Even the apostle Paul and Barnabas served and taught in the local church in Antioch for over a year (Acts 11:26) before they were called and confirmed and sent out as missionaries. (Acts 13:1-4)