How do we know this?

We know that God’s goal is to be glorified among all nations by spreading His glory among all nations because it is taught so much in the Bible.

1.  It is commanded – Psalm 96:3 – tell of His glory among the nations!

2.  It is the structure of the redemptive drama of the Bible in saving people from all nations, a great multitude (see Revelation 7:9), and then judging alll who do not repent and trust Christ; and God gets glory from showing His love to repentant sinners and pouring out His just wrath on unrepentant sinners.


Structure of Redemptive History of the Bible:

Introduction:              God’s Promise                                   Fulfillment:                                           

Genesis 1-11                  Genesis 12:1-3                                  Rev. 5:9

Creation                                       I will bless you . . . so that you will be a blessing to all the nations

Fall                                              Genesis 22:18

Flood                                           Psalm 67

Nations                                        Isaiah 49:6                                    

                                                                   Command:                           Fullfillment:

                                                                   Matthew 28:19                      Rev. 5:9; 7:9; 21:3