How can I help my church get more involved in missions?

Be an example of godliness and humility first.  Don’t go overboard in zeal in trying to get everybody to be a missionary or condemn people because they don’t have the same intensity and zeal for missions that you do yet.  Being too intense or putting a guilt trip on people is not the way to go; it turns people away.  

Pray for your church leadership.  (Pastor, Elders, deasons, staff) Share small bits of information in an encouraging way.  Study the previous articles in this series and the other ones, and what the Scriptures say, and read some books recommended here.  If you share the vision for missions with the leadership in a godly way, be prepared to be the one who will lead the charge when an elder or pastor says, “You know, you are right; why don’t you do ______________ ?

Do what?  Things  like

a. start a prayer group for missions.  See practical suggestions here.

b.  Start a bible study or Sunday School class on the Biblical basis for missions, using

John Piper’s Let the Nations Be Glad! or Robertson McQuilkin’s The Great Omission or the Perspectives course.  

c. lead a short-term missions group

d.  Start a missions conference

e.  Report on a missionary biography in a Sunday School class.  

f. investigate some career missionaries that are like-minded in doctrine that your local church would be open to supporting.   

g.  Get advice from other like-minded churches that have a missions program or support missionaries. 

h.  Ask Propempo to help you with questions you may have.  See the contact info for David Meade.  David has counseled many churches, pastors, and leadership of local churches in starting to get some kind of a missions program started.