How can I learn more about present-day missionaries?

There are two basic kinds of missionaries in the world today:

1.  Those that serve in the areas of the world that are open about their activities and those countries do not mind them being in their country, and give their permission to be there under a missionary visa.

It is easy to find out about these kinds of missionaries, if you know of them and how to get information about them – find a like-minded local church that supports missionaries, and search on the links below.

2.  Those that serve in areas of the world that are “closed” or “restricted access”, meaning the government does not allow missionary visas, so they have to find creative ways of getting legally into those countries, by teaching, setting up a business, operating on a tourist visa for a while, etc. 

This includes the Muslim World, the communist world (N. Korea, China, Cuba), the Hindu World, and most of the Buddhist world.  Other areas are at various levels of restrictions and / or openness. 

There are other Evangelical churches that support both kinds of missonaries.  Search and find a like minded / doctrinally sound local church in your area or city or state that supports missionaries.  

3.  Contact some good Evangelical sending missionary agencies for information:  Most missions have very informative websites and allow you to sign up for free newsletters and periodicals.  Here are just a few with think are worthy of your consideration.  Many more can be found through Missio Nexus.  


International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention




TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission)

Biblical Ministies Worldwide

Mission to the World

Individual missionaries at F.I.R.E = Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals