How do we implement our plans?

We implement our plans using specifically strategic steps to carry them out. Picking up where we left off with our fictitious team in Doha, Qatar (question #45), let’s look at some examples of how to implement the plans under two steps discussed above.

Establish the business. Specific steps could include :

  • Research the market/need for ecommerce consultants
  • Research the steps necessary to establish a business in Qatar
  • Develop a marketing and business plan
  • Secure investors
  • Interview other expatriates who’ve successfully established businesses in Qatar
  • File paperwork to officially register a business in Qatar
  • Research an ideal office location and secure offices

Begin and multiply Discovery Bible Studies (DBS). Specific steps could include :

  • Invite person of peace and his/her family/friends to begin or lead a DBS
  • Spin off new group when first group reaches 12
  • Start new groups with any who wish to join the original group
  • Coach DBS facilitators between meetings in an ongoing process


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