Is it biblical to have a plan?

The Bible gives many examples of God giving plans to his people, God telling his people to make plans, and people planning. Some examples:

  • In Exodus 18 Jethro gives Moses a plan for recruiting judges and delegating to them the work of judging.
  • Many chapters of I Chronicles give very detailed plans for how God’s temple was to be built, specifically explaining architecture and furnishings.
  • God outlines specific plans for battles, such as for the city of Jericho (Judges 6) and Midian (Judges 7).
  • The apostles developed a plan for delegating mercy ministries to deacons so that the apostles could focus on prayer and ministry of the word. (Acts 6.1-6)
  • Paul’s plan for church planting was to plant churches among unreached Gentiles in major cities.


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