What are the key factors affecting achievement of our ministry goals?

Several issues directly impact successful completion of ministry goals, including:

Are the goals biblical, measurable and achievable, yet faith stretching? Goals should require benchmarks that will occur only if God shows up. For example one actual local church has as its goal helping to spread God’s glory to every unreached and unengaged people group in the world. While this is a goal that resonates with the Bible, it’s unlikely that one church will impact every unreached people group in the world.

Another church might have as its goal to plant 25 reproducing churches in key areas of a large Indian city, toward the end of 10% of an unreached people group to come to faith in 10 years. This would be an example of a goal that is conceivably manageable by one church, yet is dependent on God to work salvation in many lives for the goal to succeed.

Are the methods biblical? Goals (end results) may be very biblical and God-honoring, but God cares as much about how the work is done as he cares about the results. Are the methods to be used based on biblical principles?

Are the necessary gifted and skilled people in place? For example, if a team’s goal is to start a home remodeling business in North Africa, and plant churches through its business contacts, someone on the team must have construction management skills.

What’s the plan for encountering spiritual warfare? Are those involved in the goal aware of the reality and power of spiritual warfare? Can they recognize and challenge it? Spiritual warfare is sure to come at some level in the face of any endeavor to bring light to places of darkness.


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