Personal Involvement

"I want to be more involved in missions."

Personal Involvement Video Transcription - 1 minute 6 seconds

Introduction to Propempo’s Church Missions Personal Involvement Path

Hi! Thanks for using Propempo’s website.

You’ve clicked on the PERSONAL INVOLVEMENT path.

The core of this path is unpacking SIX key roles in personal involvement.

These roles are not mutually exclusive or sequential. Each role is expressed as a verb, because they are intended for action.

  1. The 1st role is to PRAY.
  2. The 2nd role is to SHARE YOUR FAITH.
  3. The 3rd role is to SUPPORT (sometimes it’s called to SEND).
  4. The 4th role is to GO SHORT TERM.
  5. The 5th role is to REACH INTERNATIONALS.
  6. And the 6th role is to MOBILIZE.

Every maturing Christian has a part as a Go-er or Sender for the great commission.  As John Piper says, “You are either a go-er, a sender, or disobedient.”

You have lots of opportunity for interaction through our Library, Laboratory, and Community sections.

We hope that your path will help you identify more and more with God’s purposes for his glory.

Walk on!

Personal Involvement Path

Personal Involvement Table of Contents
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