Who is qualified to go on STM? (and who is NOT?)

Different churches have established varying criteria for appropriate short-term missions team participants. For example, some churches insist that any short-termers be mature Christians who are equipped to share their faith. Other churches are willing to allow non-Christians as team members, viewing it as part of their pre-Christian discipleship. Churches should set clear criteria for appropriate qualifications for short-term participants.

Questions to consider: who is an appropriate short-termer?

  • What is the purpose of the trip? Does the purpose require that one be a Christian or be able to share one’s faith?
  • Will the team serve in a security-sensitive place that will require maturity and discretion?

Seeming minimal guidelines for any short-termer would include :

  • As healthy a spiritual life as is necessary to accomplish the purpose of the trip.
  • Demonstration of a willingness to serve however asked in one’s current context.
  • No current angst or upheaval in one’s personal life. C.f., a teenager in current rebellion against her parents will likely rebel against trip leaders.
  • Old enough to benefit rather than hinder the team’s daily life and ministry.
  • Flexibility.
  • The posture of a learner.
  • The skills necessary to carry out the tasks of the team.

Additional guidelines might include :

  • Demonstrated interest and participation in local cross-cultural ministry.
  • Willingness and/or desire to serve long-term, should God lead.

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