Recommended Resources on Understanding Islam and Witnessing to Muslims

Addendum:  July of 2013see new book by James White that has come out after I wrote this blog article.   What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Qur’an.

And – 3 other good books on Muslim Outreach that came to my attention after I wrote this article. 

As with all books, except for the Holy Scriptures, I will not necessarily agree with everything in these books or web-sites. For the most part, they are all very good; but you are responsible to use discernment in all things. Only the Bible, the Holy Scripture, is “God-breathed” (2 Timothy 3:16), infallible/inerrant, and our final authority. These books and web-sites are some of the best on understanding Islam and reaching out to Muslims in Evangelism.

1.  A Christian’s Response to Islam
William Miller was a faithful missionary to Iran for 43 years – 1919-1962. This is one of the best general introduction “first books” on Islam to get and read; it was the book that first motivated me to start reaching out to Muslims with the gospel of Christ.
2. Islam and the Bible: Why Two Faiths Collide. by David Goldmann. Moody Press, 2004.
Isalm and the Bible by David Goldmann
David Goldmann was a faithful missionary to North Africa for many years.
3. Understanding the Koran. by Mateen Elass. Zondervan, 2004.
4. Islam: What Every Christian Should Know. By Bassam M. Chedid. Evangelical Press, 2004.
5.  The Prophet and the Messiah: An Arab Christian’s Perspective on Islam and Christianity.  By Chawkat Moucarry. IVP, 2001.
6. Reaching Muslims for Christ. By William Saal. Moody Press, 1991.
7.  Understanding Muslim Teachings and Traditions.  By Phil Parshall. Baker Books, 1994. (An Introduction to the “Hadith” = written Traditions of Muhammad.)
8. Miniskirts, Mothers, and Muslims. By Christine Mallouhi. Monarch Books, 2004.
Maybe the most different and unique book in helping westerners understand Muslim values, the roles of men and women in Muslim society, Islamic culture, hospitality.
9.  Honor and Shame.  Roland Muller. Xlibris Corporation, 2000.
Very important concepts in the Muslim world for us to seek to understand.
10.  Answering Islam by Norman Geisler and Abdul Saleeb
This book has a lot of good information in it.  Abdul Saleeb, who was born a Muslim, now a Christian minister, wrote the first 7 seven chapters.  According to him, every Muslim that has read it has said that they appreciate that he accurately communicated what Muslims believe.  Norman Geisler wrote most of the rest of the book, and emphasizes an Evidentialist approach to apologetics.   Reformed believers will disagree with Geisler’s obvious anti-pathy to Predestination and God’s Sovereignty; and would rather have a Presuppositional approach to apologetics, but other than those two issues, as far as I can remember; it is a useful book full of valuable material.
Understanding Islam and Apologetic Answers to Islam:
Very helpful is the index to Islam from A – Z. Look up concepts and words and follow the links.
Links to entire classical books on Islam and Muslim Evangelism:
Samuel Zwemer  “The Apostle to Islam” – anything by Zwemer is insightful. 43 years in the Muslim World, mostly in the Arabian Gulf, Egypt, Iraq regions.
Shows where Muhammad got his information about the Bible, Judaism, and Christianity.
Richard Bell, The Origins of Islam in its Christian Environment, (along with Tisdall’s book), is one of the few books that give historical background from Christian history for understanding how Islam started.
Exposing Islam and Debates: (David Wood, Sam Shamoun, Samuel Green, )
Exposes the false doctrines of Islam, and false practices, and what is wrong with Islam and the roots of the violence, Jihad, oppression of women, and more. In reaching out to Muslims, a lot of this information will make Muslims angry. It is good to know, but don’t “throw in their face”. Focus on Christ and the gospel.
Scroll down and on the left side bar are links to many debates between Christian debaters and Muslims on various topics. Very useful.
Click on the store or search for “debates with Muslims”, and also search for articles on Islam.
Hadith Collections on line – the written Traditions of Muhammad
The Hadith = “written traditions of Muhammad”.  “Sahih” = “correct”, “genuine” – the two most respected collections of Hadith accepted by all Sunni Muslims. One cannot understand the Qur’an fully without the Hadith, for the Hadith many times gives the historical context and reasons for the revelation, for verses in the Qur’an.
The Qur’an –  The Muslim’s Holy Book
2 sites with English and Arabic Text:
10 different English translations of the Qur’an, along with Arabic transliteration

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