Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Attend PIT Stop 2017

There are more than ten for you to attend this highly impactful Propempo Training event. But we’ll start with the …

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Attend PIT Stop 2017

10. Cost

    This training will save you money, in the long run, and in more than one way. e.g. – The registration cost includes food and lodging when you stay onsite. What other conference or training does that!? You get to Atlanta; Propempo takes care of you. No rental car required; just ride the free shuttle from the airport to the hotel.





9. More effective for church leaders and mission mobilizers than other conferences

It’s true, our PIT Stop 2017 dates are the same as the big Missio Nexus conference. It’s also true that Propempo can’t complete with other Big Kahuna conferences: you won’t hear world renowned speakers and musicians; you’ll not be hobnobbing with big name organizations’ C-level leaders. However, what we ARE going to have is the most effective, most tailored training for those desiring to help local churches become effective and strategic in missions, producing real, well-qualified workers for the “hard places” of the world. If you want to see your local church, or those churches you relate to, become biblically and productively involved in finishing the Great Commission, then this PIT Stop 2017 training is for you. If you are a church leader responsible for missions leadership in your church, if you’re a Missions Pastor or Missions Director, if you’re a mission agency missions mobilizer and find it challenging to relate to and genuinely help local churches, then THIS should be on your calendar. THIS training will provide the framework biblically, ecclesiologically, missiologically, and practically for you to grow into your ministry and effectively lead your church in missions. If you are the mission agency guy, you will learn the tools and perspective to become effective in producing the right recruits for the right reasons through the right means. 


8. Cost, revisited


Churches and missions agencies often bring us to their site for leadership training and consultation about their particular issues-du-jour. Quite regularly this develops into multiple visits with personalized design of documents for policy, direction, process, etc. The cost of importing Propempo staff to your place can grow. It’s not bad stewardship per se; the group is quite satisfied with the results.

But, what if you could harvest all the same principles and resources in one intensive training meeting? Not only would it be better stewardship of personnel and time, it would also be better stewardship of money. It simply costs you less to come to this training and take it home with you than to bring a Propempo staff member multiple times to your site, with transportation, food, lodging, honorarium, etc.

How much would you pay to have one 4-semester-hour course at seminary? This intensive training costs much less than that and is rooted in realism, not a theoretical textbook.



7. Compresses your learning curve into days, instead of years

Is it possible for you to “discover” the principles and practices we will teach you at the PIT Stop 2017 training? Yes, it is. However, we consistently hear from the church leaders and mobilizers we have trained that it would have taken them five years to amass the knowledge base, wisdom, and experience they receive from Propempo in short fashion. Just read and view some of our testimonials. We’ve scoured available resources and practices to bring you the  the best training for local church missions leadership. If you’re a new Missions Pastor/Minister, you really need this training to get a handle on your ministry responsibilities, the principles that drive it, and its scope and practical implementation. PIT Stop 2017 may be the best “first step” of practical Missions Pastor training available anywhere!

6. Tons of Resources available

PIT Stop 2017 will flood you with recommendations for the best available resources to meet your needs. You’ll be swimming in links, reviews, and models of documents, policies, videos, articles, all aimed at informing and equipping you to be most effective in mobilizers your local church(es) for strategic involvement in missions. Participants will be able to share even more valuable resources from their collective experience over breaks and meals. Everything from awakening your congregation to God’s great global purpose to nitty-gritty missionary care and accountability on the field; from your leadership role to the soup-to-nuts mechanics of sound missions team/committee operation; from identifying and selecting missionaries candidates to church-based pre-field training. The grid of resources referenced is worth the training in and of itself!




5. Answers to your burning issues

What are your burning questions? What thorny issues are you facing in your church missions operation? What decisions are you facing that bring you to your knees and/or make you lose sleep? We believe that PIT Stop 2017 will point you to the best sources for answers, if not answer your burning questions directly.  Each church is unique; each situation is unique; but sound biblical principles undergird the answers to all your burning ministry questions. Here are some common questions we face day-to-day with church leaders that we will touch on in the training:

  • how do we prioritize financial support?
  • what place does Short Term Missions have in the big picture? and, how should STM operate?
  • how do we handle a problem missionary?
  • what is the church’s role with respect to the sending agency?


4. Comprehensive perspective on missions in the local church

hands together teamworkHow do we mobilize the whole church for missions? How does “local” outreach relate to “cross-cultural” outreach? What is “lostness?” What is “accessibility to the Gospel?” Why do the answer to those questions matter? How do the pieces of local church ministries all focus and align in one common purpose.  PIT Stop 2017 will help you pull together all the aspects of missions in the local church into a comprehensive picture. The core values proposed will facilitate your church leadership to grow into a welcome unity for direction and vision for your church.




3. Unique emphasis on the centrality of the local church in fulfilling the Great Commission

We believe, on solid biblical grounds, that the local church is the beginning and end of missions. The local church is the means and the goal of the Great Commission. Mission sending agencies are significant; most if not all were created to serve and come alongside local churches with some specific specialty of vision, emphasis, opportunity, or methodology. But none eclipse the role and responsibility of real, reproducing local churches in context among every people group on earth. No other organization offers training for local church centered missions mobilization as Propempo does. Not only is this unique in the world of missions enterprise, it is the long-term solution to weak recruitment, poorly prepared missionary candidates, and the huge numbers of missionary attrition. Come to PIT Stop 2017 and be refreshed with new vision and perspective for your church’s role in missions.


2. Time and experience tested toolbox of solutions

By God’s grace, our experiences in church planting, field ministry & leadership, agency leadership, utilization of historic tools and insights from “Advancing Churches in Missions Commitment” (ACMC), as well as newly developed and enhanced tools from Propempo, current initiative and mentoring of workers in “hard places,” — all these things combine in a rare mix with a goal of equipping and enabling you to be powerfully effective in your missions leadership and influence.




1. Individualized approach to helping solve your ministry challenges

Our Propempo methods are highly relational and individualized to your needs.  A mentoring approach tailors input and resources to you and your situation, as the Lord enables and bears fruit in you and your congregation. We are committed, as God enables and provides the means for us to do so, to help local churches who are committed to biblical truth toward seeing the Great Commission fulfilled, for the glory of Christ through the church (Eph. 3:21).


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