Top Ten Reasons Churches Call Propempo

This is not scientific; it is anecdotal. But based on 20-plus years in church mobilization and missionary training, here are the Top Ten Reasons Churches Call Propempo:

Another disclaimer: These are the presenting issues, not necessary the true or deeper issues.  Also, these are the issues expressed from their initiative, not our probing.

  1. short term missions has or is a big problem; help us figure out how to structure and reign it in so that is complementary and not taking primacy in our missions efforts
  2. our missionary support looks like a shot-gun blast on the world map; there is no consistency or pattern or vision holding it all together; help us get that sorted out
  3. our congregation yawns with complacency over missions; help us stimulate a fresh vision for their individual involvement and responsibility in missions.
  4. our pastor and key leadership don’t understand missions; they’re focused on growing our church; they feel threatened by missions fund-raising, missions platform time, etc.
  5. we have no strategic vision for missions at all; we support a bunch of institutional or older missionaries, no fresh blood, no fresh ideas, no strategy for UPGs
  6. how can we energize and mobilize our young people and young adults to consider missions ministry long-term?
  7. how, why, and to what ends can we expand our giving for world missions?
  8. how does world missions fit into a legitimate emphasis on reaching our own community with the Gospel? should our efforts and expenses be 50-50?
  9. we have a problem missionary that is causing problems on the field and/or in our church; how can we handle that? discipline him? rein him/them in? graciously cut off their support? what do we do?
  10. we’ve love to revamp our whole missions structure and policies; please help us do that?

Propempo fixes that!

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