This depends on your team role.

If you’re the team leader, this is at the core of your job. You can accomplish this in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Pray consistently for your team and its individual members.
  2. Consistently evaluate if your team and its individual members are on track in effectively achieving its purpose.
  3. Lead the team in such a way that discussion and evaluation always reinforce the team’s goal and values. Determine and measure activity with these goals and values as measuring sticks.
  4. Shepherd your team members. Be vigilant in lovingly monitoring their personal and family lives.
  5. Personally coach and mentor team members, and bring in outside help/resources/experts to fill gaps that you can’t personally address.

If you’re a team member:

  1. Offer to assist the team leader in any way possible. Offer helpful feedback and ideas.
  2. Model aligning your life with Christ and His purposes for your team.
  3. Regularly seek ways to practically serve and encourage your teammates.
  4. Pray diligently for your team and its members.
  5. Meet on a regular basis for prayer and accountability with one or two teammates of the same sex.