Develop Your Local Church Missions Ministry

Resources for Biblical, Strategic, Local Church Missions Mobilization

Propempo comes alongside churches to develop effective, biblical, local church-centered missions ministry—equipping churches to prepare, send, and shepherd workers for strategic cross-cultural church planting.

  • TRAINING church missions leaders in their roles and responsibilities
  • TEACHING biblical and practical principles for an effective church missions ministry
  • STIMULATING church leaders and members for church missions involvement
  • CREATING individualized resources, guidelines and strategy for your church missions
  • COUNSELING leaders and candidates in the pre-field preparation process
Training Church Leaders in church missions
Teaching Biblical and Practical Principles
Stimulating Church Leaders and Members
Creating Individualized Resources, Guidelines and Strategy
Counseling Leaders and Candidates in pre-field preparation
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Church Missions Leadership Resources

How to exercise good leadership and oversight in this indispensable area of local church ministry. There is no Bible school or seminary course for this.

Missions can be the key element of your church ministry philosophy that brings solid biblical growth, maturity, and vision to your church.


Find Your Personal Place in Church Missions

Propempo Paths walk with you in your journey through the 5 paths of church missions.

  1. Inquirer
  2. Personal Involvement
  3. Church Mobilization
  4. Church Leadership
  5. Missionary

Each path engages you using Frequently Asked Questions.


Share Your Thoughts and Experience

Browse or introduce topics for discussion with peers or share your experience by mentoring others.

Newly revised area to promote exchanging lessons learned… or discuss current topics. Our moderators help ensure friendly, faith filled interaction with a biblically sound foundation.

Why choose Propempo to help?

What makes Propempo distinctive?

  1. A high biblical view of God, Scripture, and the local church's role -
    Propempo has a high biblical view of God, Scripture, and the local church's role in missions. We are passionate about the local church being the both the seedbed and the fruit of missions, both the agent and the result of fulfilling the Great Commission.
  2. Sees every church as unique -
    Propempo sees every church as unique in its history, tradition, development, potential, and needed solutions. We don't use standard cookie-cutter products for all churches.
  1. Supported by faith in God through donor-partners -
    Propempo is supported by faith in God through donor-partners who love sharing in Propempo's results through churches and missionaries fulfilling the Great Commission. We will never require fees or invoice your church for services rendered.
  2. Focused on helping churches identify, train, guide, send, support, and shepherd their own people -
    We are focused on helping churches identify, train, guide, send, support, and shepherd their own people as their missionary-representatives in strategic fields (unreached people groups) in proclaiming the Gospel, planting healthy biblical churches, and developing qualified indigenous church leaders toward ultimate completion of the Great Commission for the glory of Christ alone.