We implement our plans using specifically strategic steps to carry them out. Picking up where we left off with our fictitious team in Doha, Qatar (question #45), let’s look at some examples of how to implement the plans under two steps discussed above.

Establish the business. Specific steps could include:

  • Research the market/need for ecommerce consultants
  • Research the steps necessary to establish a business in Qatar
  • Develop a marketing and business plan
  • Secure investors
  • Interview other expatriates who’ve successfully established businesses in Qatar
  • File paperwork to officially register a business in Qatar
  • Research an ideal office location and secure offices

Begin and multiply Discovery Bible Studies (DBS). Specific steps could include:

  • Invite person of peace and his/her family/friends to begin or lead a DBS
  • Spin off new group when first group reaches 12
  • Start new groups with any who wish to join the original group
  • Coach DBS facilitators between meetings in an ongoing process