Caleb served as part of the exploration team of 12 spies to determine if the Promised Land could be conquered (Num. 13). Only he and Joshua had the faith to believe it could happen, despite giants living in the land. Israel chose to disbelieve, which delayed the capture of the land. We hear of Caleb 45 years later when the land had been conquered and he received his portion of the land (Josh. 14).

King David planned and provided for the Temple in Jerusalem without actually building it himself. He turned over the project to his son, Solomon.

Nehemiah prepared, planned, led, and completed the wall around Jerusalem. He completed the task, with the help of many, including the locals, and stepped aside.

Jesus finished his goal of incarnational living, equipping the disciples, and sacrificially dying and rising again over a period of three years.

Paul planted multiple churches in many cities, while staying at most two years in any given city.