Even large visionary ministry goals can and should be defined by markers of achievement, though the markers can vary. It will be important for you, your team, your missions agency and other partners to collaborate to determine appropriate markers for the ministry. But what follows are examples for how some major ministry goals are measured today.

An unengaged people group becomes engaged when:

  1. An apostolic effort in residence;
  2. There is a commitment to work in the local language and culture;
  3. There is a commitment to long-term ministry;
  4. Sowing [is occurring] in a manner consistent with the goal of seeing a Church Planting Movement CPM) emerge.[1]

A people group has been reached when 2% of members of the people group have come to faith in Christ. This percentage is a number considered large enough for the national church to start its own effective outreach.[2]

Many experts on church planting movements, such as David Garrison, believe that an authentic church planting movement has not begun until a fourth generation of church and disciples has emerged.[3]

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