Once leaving the field, you will no longer participate in the ministry on a daily basis. However, many missionaries go back home yet continue to make an impact from a distance in a variety of ways through means such as:

Prayer. You can pray any time, from any place!

Occasional trips back. Some missionaries return to assist in particular projects for limited amounts of time.

Mobilization. Back home you can train future workers going to your place of ministry, whether for short- or long-term service. Based on your experience you can identify future workers who would fit well in your former context, encourage them to consider going, and mentor them. Other possibilities include working with stateside networks that meet regularly to strategize for ministry in your former country or region.

Welcoming ministry to folks from your field of service. International students, refugees or immigrants from your place of service may live in your city. With keen insight into their culture and language, you’re primed to minister to them, and even mobilize others to start a ministry.