Missions mobilizer Ellen Livingood notes, “Missionaries’ vision for what could happen on the field should be so large that they can’t possibly accomplish it by themselves. Such a vision requires others joining in the work.” Foundational to recruiting more resources and multiplying ministry is a vision that requires a network of resources locally and globally.

Human and financial resources flow from people who know and love your ministry, and who understand ways to play a part in it. Create lots of “handles” for people to grab on to the “raft” of your ministry as it heads down the river. One missions pastor urges missionaries to offer “crawl…walk…run” opportunities that can be done by a variety of people, both in the US and on the field. How might the homeschooling mom back home support the ministry? The mechanic? The IT professional? The older teenager who’s great at babysitting? The grandmother who’s afraid of flying?