Genuine vision is more than just an over-active imagination. True visionaries are far fewer than they would have us believe. Leaders don't have to be "visionary" in order to lead well and accomplish a lot for the Lord in ministry. It does, however, take a considerable determination to stick to doing the right things and in the right way.

This section will help you as you consider how to strategize. Implements some key concepts in missiology which have proven themselves over decades.

Here are the questions we'll address in this section:

  • What are the key factors affecting achievement of our ministry goals?
  • How does our doctrine and biblical values influence strategy and methods?
  • What is the most effective way of meeting goals-objectives?
  • In what ways does culture affect strategy and methods and expectations?
  • How can we incorporate nationals into planning and implementation?
  • Are there major external factors which present opportunities or threats?
  • Are there creative alternatives we haven't previously considered?
  • Has everyone involved agreed to this strategy?
  • Has it been recorded and clearly communicated to all involved?