Be careful about who and how broadly you share your desire to be a missionary. Of first importance, though you are no doubt excited about this development, there are people in the world who would not be happy about it. Governments of countries closed to normal Christian ministry among their people know how to research you on social media and refuse you entry. It has happened. So, you must be "wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove."

Secondly, your calling will take some considerable time to work out and gain the training, experience, and relationships needed to make your entry in missions work fruitful, faithful, and effective. Don't think that you will go charging across the ocean right away or that everybody owes you full support and backing just on your say-so. That is, unless you are determined to be arrogant enough to impose your desire on others enough to get over to someplace cross-culturally ASAP on your timetable. If that is the case, we'll see you back home crashed-and-burned just as quickly.


Thirdly, building strong relationships in a support partnership network and confirming your calling and ministry gifts and skills is an essential part of the process. It takes time, also.

So, similar to solving any problem, tell people who are part of the solution, and don't tell people who are not a part of the solution. Don't post your plans and desires on Facebook or any other Internet platforms, no blog, no webpage, no Twitter, no WeMe, no Instagram, no WhatsApp, no YouTube, ...  get the picture?

Do tell your local church leaders. Take Paul and Barnabas for example. In Acts 13:1-4, Paul and Barnabas were serving in the local church (Acts 11:26) first, for over a year, and they prayed together, worshiped together, and fasted together there in Acts 13:1-4. you should tell your pastors/elders/church leaders and share your vision with them and seek to get their prayers and counsel about your commitment and convictions for missions.


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