What is the primary task of missions? - Since the Bible makes it a priority, what results should we expect from missions work?

What is the status of missions today? - Christianity has been around for a long time. What remains to be done?

How should we measure missions? - What are the metrics for understanding our progress in missions?

What can I do to advance the cause of missions? - Personal involvement is key to your obedience, yielding long-term results

How can I help my church get more involved in missions? - Can I influence my church to grow in missions commitment?

How much does missions cost? - What costs are involved in missions involvement?

What is the history of missions? - How has Christianity expanded from the first century to the present?

How can I learn more about missionaries of the past? - Where can I find the best resources to discover great missionary biographies?

How can I learn about current missionaries? - I want to learn more about what's going on in missions today.