There are many ways to get current information about specific global field missionaries and ministries.

The first step, we recommend, would be to simply ask your home church who and what and how the church supports missions and get connected with those ministries. Almost every ministry, including individual missionaries, sed out a regular email or snail mail newsletter or magazine-like publication with up-to-date news and prayer requests. Get on the mailing list. Subscribe to the email newsletter.

There are many organizational subscriptions available. Do Internet searches and look carefully at the organizational vision, affiliations (if any), geographical or ministry-type emphasis, to check on compatibility with your own doctrinal and strategic concerns. Be sure that any organizational periodical to which you subscribe will get you on a larger mailing and donation appeal list.

If and when you get to communicate directly with a missionary, be aware that there are some in high-security situations that prevent them from giving full disclosure about details and maybe even the location of their work, for good reasons. This includes the Muslim World, the communist world (N. Korea, China, Cuba), the Hindu World, and most of the Buddhist world. Other areas are at various levels of restrictions and/or openness.

There are other Evangelical churches that support both kinds of missionaries. Search and find a like-minded, doctrinally sound local church in your area or city or state that supports missionaries.

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